About Truvelo

WELCOME to Truvelo(UK) - speed camera manufacturer and digital speed camera supplier.

Truvelo UK was established in September 1993 and is  a specialist supplier of speed measurement  technology.  Home Office approved  equipment is available for hand-held, mobile and fixed site applications. We are best known for the introduction of front photography into the UK market in June 1997, following a successful testing programme in the mid 90’s which resulted in UK Home Office approval for our 'Combi'  single photo safety camera.  The Combi can also operate in rear-photo mode and in a variety of different site layouts.

Since then our range of products and services has grown steadily.  We are particularly proud of our new 'D-Cam' digital speed and speed/redlight camera.  This was developed by our affiliate company Truvelo Manufacturers, in South Africa, to suit the specific requirements of the UK market.  This is a highly flexible and cost effective safety camera system, offering front or rear single-shot photography with secondary check speed verification.  The 'D-Cam' has evolved into a range of fixed and portable cameras, employing piezo and  laser speed measuring technologies.  At present the highly versatile Combi Smc is UK type approved for both front and rear photography.  

Our law enforcement product range covers digital speed and red-light cameras, digital mobile/portable speed cameras and hand-held devices. We also have offerings in ANPR and statistical data products.

We are also proud to represent Kustom Signals Inc, of the USA.  This is an association that began in May 2006 and continues to flourish.  Kustom products include the well renowned ProLaser III, hand-held speed meter, the new LaserWitness mobile day/night digital video camera system and ProLite binocular style of laser speed meter.  The Falcon HR hand-held radar gun completes the range available today.

Truvelo has also developed a range of LED speed display signs called TruSign. More details of these and all the above products can be found in the 'Products' section of the web site.

Our Locations

We are situated in Brentford, west London, approximately 10 miles from Heathrow airport. From here we base our Sales, Service and Accounts departments. We also operate out of Trafford Park in Manchester where our Installation Services (TIS) division is located.

TIS carry out all the safety camera site installation work, including traffic management, and all associated civils work. In addition they offer a loop-cutting and sensor installation service for other traffic industry suppliers. We are always pleased to quote for minor civils and loop-cutting work. We are an affiliate company to Truvelo Manufacturers (Pty) Ltd of South Africa who are a dedicated speed measurement and traffic law enforcement products manufacturer.

Since the mid 1960's they have established a worldwide reputation for the accuracy versatility and reliability of their speed measurement technology, and now hold over 40 patents worldwide. The name Truvelo is derived from "true velocity." We hope you enjoy browsing our new web-site and look forward to helping with any enquiries you may have.