Truvelo applications


Truvelo develops and provides solutions for all types of roads, both public and private. This ensures that the police, Safety Camera Partnerships and private organisations can all provide a uniform, high level of road safety. Solutions for use on public roads are UK Home Office Type Approved. 

Truvelo Criminal enforcement

Criminal Enforcement

Criminal and civil offences on public highways need robust solutions which can be relied upon to provide evidence which stands up in a court of law. Truvelo offers a range of UK Home Office Type-Approved systems which meet this requirement.

Truvelo Civil enforcement

Civil Enforcement

Truvelo has combined Automatic Number Plate Recognition camera technology with edge-based Artificial Intelligence (AI) to address a number of different types of civil offences. These include box junction violations, bus lane violations, illegal use of taxi lanes or bays, and illegal manoeuvres at junctions.

Truvelo private enforcement

Private Enforcement

Many non-public roads, business parks and campuses require traffic safety solutions which bring them in line with standards on public roads. Truvelo provides solutions for traffic calming and more direct intervention against unsafe driving.

Community speedwatch

Community Speedwatch

Community participation in road safety planning helps to build confidence and acceptance. Truvelo provides new and reconditioned speed monitoring solutions for Community Speedwatch use.