Automatic Number Plate Recognition camera technology

Civil Enforcement

Truvelo (UK) has combined Automatic Number Plate Recognition camera technology with edge-based Artificial Intelligence (AI) to address a number of different types of civil offences. These include box junction violations, bus lane violations, illegal use of taxi lanes or bays, and illegal manoeuvres at junctions.

This solution uses a common technological base, requiring only a change or additions to the AI logic to enable several of the above applications to be fulfilled by a single camera. It also significantly reduces operating costs by automating a process which was previously very manually intensive, and by utilising secure, wireless transmission of evidence packages rather than a continuously live, fixed communications feed. 

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Violation Management System (VMS)

Violation Management System (VMS)

VMS is a browser-based solution which provides a true end-to-end capability and can process all types of enforceable driving and parking offences — both criminal and civil. Whether hosted behind your own firewall or in the cloud, VMS will revolutionise the way in which you process and export your offences.