Class-leading road safety compliance and enforcement solutions using mobile, fixed & cloud technologies

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Why use Truvelo?

developer supplier of speed measurement, speed enforcement/awareness, traffic data collection technologies

Leading developer & supplier

Established in 1993, Truvelo (UK) Ltd is a leading developer and supplier of speed measurement, speed enforcement/awareness, red light enforcement and traffic data collection technologies.

traffic safety challenges

mobile & fixed-site

Truvelo’s range of solutions provides the flexibility to address many different road safety challenges.

Violation Management System

Ground-breaking back office solutions

Truvelo's Violation Management System provides end-to-end processing of all types of criminal and civil offences and works with many manufacturers’ devices.

Full-spectrum installation service

Full-spectrum installation service 

Truvelo provides a full-spectrum installation — a unique capability in the UK market. This reduces the time taken to deploy and maximises the ability to meet precise needs.

Enforcement and safety applications

Truvelo (UK) Limited is a leading developer and provider of end-to-end solutions for a wide range of road safety enforcement applications. This includes fixed and mobile technology for use at the road-side, vehicle detection technology, as well as a class-leading back office solution which can handle and process all kinds of criminal and civil offences.

Spot speed Enforcement

Spot Speed enforcement

Spot speed cameras form part of a proportional response to speeding. Costing less than average speed systems, spot speed enforcement is within the financial reach of budget-constrained local authorities.

Mobile Enforcement

Mobile Enforcement

Rapidly deployable solutions provide the ability to improve traffic safety with greater flexibility across a wider geographic area.

Red light enforcement

Red Light Enforcement

Red-light running is a particular safety challenge, even in an urban setting where closing speeds can lead to serious injuries or fatalities.

Violation Management Server


The Violation Management Server can be Cloud-hosted if desired and provides end-to-end management of a huge range of criminal and civil offences.



Truvelo’s Installations team caters for all of the civil engineering aspects of equipment installation, as well as traffic-calming and road-marking expertise.



Industry-leading speed information displays encourage greater compliance with posted speed limits and also provide an excellent data-gathering capability.