RM6099 TTAS framework formally extended

The TTAS RM6099 framework is a government-approved agreement that allows public sector organisations to procure traffic management technology and associated services from a range of suppliers. The framework was originally set to expire in 2023, but it has been extended to run until October 2025, giving more time and flexibility for customers to access the best value and quality services.

This is great news for Truvelo, as we are one of the leading suppliers of traffic management solutions in the UK; in order to win a place on the TTAS framework, applicants must comply with certain standards and requirements, such as quality, security, sustainability, and social value.

Truvelo has been part of the TTAS RM6099 framework since its inception in October 2021, and we have delivered many successful projects for public sector clients across the country. We are proud to offer innovative and reliable products that help improve road safety, reduce congestion, and enhance mobility.

Crown Commercial Service Supplier

By being part of the TTAS RM6099 framework, we can offer our customers a streamlined and compliant procurement process via Direct Award as well as mini competition, with pre-agreed terms and conditions, competitive pricing, and faster delivery times. We can also showcase our expertise and experience in providing bespoke solutions that meet the specific needs and challenges of each customer.

Truvelo remains committed to providing high-quality traffic management solutions that make a positive difference for our customers and the communities they serve.