Truvelo's Latest Gadget: An Infrared Torch That Throws Shade on Traffic Violators 24/7

Truvelo, a UK-based traffic enforcement technology manufacturer, has recently introduced a groundbreaking infrared torch designed to complement the LASERcam 4. This innovative device marks a significant leap forward from traditional systems, which relied on bulky panel illuminators and heavy-duty power supplies. The new, compact accessory fits in a pocket and is equipped with a rechargeable battery that lasts an entire shift. Its eye-safe infrared technology enables continuous enforcement, day and night. The torch's versatility is a highlight; it can be easily attached to the LASERcam 4, whether it's handheld, on a tripod, or mounted in a van, on approaching as well as receding vehicles, offering law enforcement agencies unmatched flexibility and convenience. Truvelo's commitment to safety and practicality shines through with this new addition to their product line.

Truvelo Infrared Torch
Infrared Torch
traffic enforcement technology manufacturer
infrared torch designed to complement the LASERcam 4