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Truvelo adds new UK office and relocates its International R&D effort

New facility in Oxfordshire will speed time to market for road safety solutions

The opening of a new office in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire marks a significant next step in the strategic realignment of road safety and enforcement specialist, Truvelo. The new office will complement the company’s existing facility in Brentford, Middlesex, which will continue to carry out systems construction, calibration and maintenance functions. Notably, it will also serve as a centre for the company’s international R&D effort — and not just that for the UK market.

Recent years have seen important changes to Truvelo’s portfolio. These enable it to better address changes within the enforcement and compliance sectors and to provide a more complete range of products and services.

Truvelo has added roadside products which enable an escalating response to offences, including state-of-the-art Speed Information Displays (SIDs) which provide infographic as well as data-gathering capabilities. Speed enforcement has benefited from UK Home Office Type Approval (HOTA) of the LASERcam4, a truly handheld device which provides class-leading performance. Meanwhile, 360o automatic number plate recognition enables front and rear-facing licence plate captures, solving the issue of how to address speeding by motorcycles, and in all light conditions.

Other products have been introduced which enable handling of the entire evidential chain. These include a Mobile Docker, which enables secure wireless download and transmission of offence data from mobile cameras to a central location, and the Violation Management System (VMS), a digital back office which can process all types of civil and criminal violations.

SIDs, together with Automatic Community Speed Watch, which replaces roadside Community Speed Watch volunteers with autonomous cameras, provide non-HOTA solutions to speeding, improving compliance without generating prosecutions. Truvelo has continued the non-HOTA theme by providing significant private landowners and estates with comparable safety solutions to those found on public roads.

All of this is backed by managed-service solutions which take the day-to-day burden of operations away from the customer.

“Road safety in the UK is evolving rapidly and we’ve made concerted changes to allow us to reflect that,” says Sales and Marketing Director Calvin Hutt.

“For instance, being able to range from compliance up to full enforcement enables the police and roads authorities to progressively scale their prevention strategies and so retain public support. At the same time, fixed camera solutions continue to have a role but there is an increasing emphasis on the unpredictability — and effectiveness — of mobile solutions.

“Creating a class-leading back-office solution to support all of this made great sense, and the VMS is now gaining traction. It also made sense, given the pace of the market, for our South African parent company to relocate its R&D effort here.

“Our location in Oxfordshire gives us a good, central location outside of the M25 from which to service the country, and a readily accessible place for visitors looking to see how we can help them to address all manner of civil and criminal road safety issues.

“We’re very keen to meet with and host safety organisations who are looking for state-of-the-art solutions. We’re also keen to meet with those looking to create new solutions — innovation is a two-way street and partnership working is often the quickest way to turn concepts and ideas into realities.”