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TSRGD — what does it mean for speed information displays?

Misinformation and uncertainty is affecting speed compliance and road safety, says Truvelo (UK)

Poorly considered media comment is adding to confusion over the role of the TSRGD and how it relates to Speed Information Displays (SIDs).

Despite assertions to the contrary from some quarters, provided that they do not attempt to emulate any of the signage or symbology covered within the TSRGD, SIDs are exempt.

The TSRGD (Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions) is a comprehensive document which sets out the design criteria — precise physical sizes, shapes and colours, graphics and symbols, character fonts and spacing, and so on — for official traffic signs that can be lawfully placed on or near roads in Great Britain and the Isle of Man. It also stipulates their conditions of use.

SIDs which display vehicles’ measured speeds, as well as pictograms such as smiling or sad faces are perfectly legal and sit outside the TSRGD’s remit. Problems arise when they are used to display graphics and symbols which are included within the TSRGD; at that point, they do become subject.

“There’s confusion across the country as to when TSRGD does or doesn’t apply to SIDs,” says Calvin Hutt, Sales and Marketing Director with Truvelo UK Ltd. “Posting a measured speed is absolutely fine but emulating a speed limit sign, with a number within a red circle, is not. Similarly, smiling or sad faces are okay but it’s a different matter if you display, say, a warning triangle.”

The issue is arising because of the presence on the UK market of SIDs which do display TSRGDprescribed symbology, he explains.

“This has provoked a reaction from some of those suppliers’ competitors to the effect that TSRGD automatically applies. To an extent, that’s right — but only if the symbols being displayed attempt to be similar to those in the document.

“At the moment, confusion over the role and status of TSRGD is hampering road safety efforts. It’s leading to those in local authorities and other organisations who have responsibility for speed compliance being unnecessarily hesitant or making the wrong product choices,” he continues.

“Truvelo provides a range of TSRGD-exempt SIDs but this isn’t about us attempting to sell more products — it’s about balancing and gaining clarity in the market and ensuring that those in procurement make the right, best-informed decisions.