LASERwitness Lite mobile laser/camera

Compact, Reliable, Efficient.

The LaserWitness is a Home Office approved digital video speed enforcement system.

Its size and weight make it ideal for use in or out of a van. Motorcycle deployment or tripod-mounting at the side of the road open up sites which would otherwise remain unenforceable.

LASERwitness can store up to 8,000 offence video clips on a single SD card.


  • Auto-focus, Auto-exposure, Electronic zoom control
  • ProLaser III speed measurement
  • Sony traffic surveillance camera
  • SD Exporter Pro back office software for extracting still images
  • Compatible with EROS and StarTraq
  • Zero cost of consumables
  • Set three speed thresholds for enforcement of different vehicle classes
  • Unparalleled low light and infrared performance


  • Professional tripod and fluid head
  • External monitor
  • NEW - Frame Sender unit to display live video feed or playback on an external monitor
  • Choice of power pack - choose from Lead Crystal or Lithium-Ion technologies - up to a whole week between charges!
  • Telephoto Lens to extend the range of VRM capture
  • CAST-approved TRIMMS infrared flood lamps
Please contact us here for further information or to arrange for a demonstration. For expert advice please call 020 8847 4400.