Automatic Community Speed Watch

    If you are looking for a way to reduce speeding and improve road safety in your community, you might be interested in the new solution from Truvelo (UK): Automatic Community Speed Watch. This is a photo speed solution that automates the process of measuring and recording vehicle speeds, without putting volunteers at risk or requiring costly Home Office-approved infrastructure. Automatic Community Speed Watch consists of a re-deployable VIA-Cam radar speed camera that captures high-definition images of speeding vehicles day and night, in both directions and on two lanes. The camera can be powered by off-grid or mains options and can be installed on a passively safe pole for deployment on higher speed limit roads.

    The Automatic Community Speed Watch system uses 4G encrypted technology to transfer the offence images to Violation Management System (VMS), which can be hosted on AWS or on premises. The back office supports numerous cameras across multiple sites and allows you to access the data from any browser-based device. The back office also provides statistical and ATC functionality, as well as Police National Computer lookup. The system can export the data to StarTraq or Cubic if needed. The system has a complete audit trail and is compliant with GDPR and NEP standards.

    The camera is connected to a mains-powered or a unique off-grid power supply that combines wind and solar power generation with an on-site battery bank. This means that Automatic Community Speed Watch can be deployed in remote or rural areas where there is no access to electricity or internet. The camera transmits offences across our encrypted connection into our NEP-compliant back office, Violation Management Server.

    The camera has an UMSUG certificate, and an annual calibration certificate is available. The solution can also support environmental studies by providing air-quality monitoring data.

    We shall shortly be trailing our next generation camera which uses 4D tracking radar and will also detect seatbelt offences using the latest Artificial Intelligence algorithms.

    The data collected by the camera can be used to send educational letters to the registered owners of the speeding vehicles, informing them of their behaviour and the potential consequences. The aim is not to prosecute drivers, but to make them aware of the impact of their actions on the community and encourage them to comply with the speed limit. This way, Automatic Community Speed Watch can help to improve road safety and reduce accidents and casualties. By lowering speeds, Automatic Community Speed Watch will also improve air quality and reduce noise pollution.

    If you want to find out more about Automatic Community Speed Watch and how it can benefit your community, visit or call us today on 020 8847 4400. We will be happy to answer your questions and provide you with a free demonstration of our solution.