Automatic Traffic Counters

    Truvelo is proud to be the exclusive distributor of Sierzega products into UK. Its latest generation device is the long-awaited SR7, offering a significant upgrade to the popular SR4.

    A mobile traffic detection device to the highest quality standards! The SR7 combines easy and quick mounting at the roadside with the highest accuracy level on data collection. No need for any construction work, no interruption of the flow of traffic. The Sierzega Traffic Detection Device SR7 is based on radar technology and thus the perfect solution for vehicle detection. Unlike other methods of counting traffic (tubes, loops and manual counting) our devices can be used for non-intrusive counting to deliver unbiased traffic data.

    • Highly accurate, radar based traffic detection
    • Non-intrusive counting for unbiased results
    • Vehicle classification in four categories
    • User friendly, in-depth Analysing Software
    • Bi-Directional counting

    Due to its energy-saving operation the SR7 is able to gather traffic data at the roadside permanently with a simple solar installation or mains power. The collected data is automatically uploaded to the cloud for central analysis. Included in delivery is our analysing software, which offers a user friendly, in-depth ways to filter, analyse and evaluate data using meaningful charts.