In-car video

    This is a powerful system which can be used in conjunction with enforcement devices such as LIDAR or RADAR Speedmeters to provide supplementary evidence in the form of video clips, freeze-frame images, Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) and night-vision captures.

    An example is the use of LASERcam4 or similar video LIDAR enforcement system for motorcycle enforcement. A user may decide to capture images of approaching motorcycles from a parked enforcement van. A common problem is the lack of front-facing license plates on motorcycles. Truvelo’s in-car system uses miniature digital ANPR cameras facing in the opposite direction to the main enforcement camera system to capture motorcycles’ license plate information after they have passed the enforcement vehicle.

    Truvelo's in-car video system will also interface with in-car radar speed enforcement systems. We are hardware agnostic and so can interface with equipment from any manufacturer in any territory.

    Truvelo’s Violation Management System (VMS) back office will automatically pair the evidence from LASERcam4 and the In-Car system, ready for adjudication and export — a significant feature in terms of ease of use. Additionally, the VMS, in conjunction with the In-Car solution, may be utilised to acquire real-time notification of vehicles bearing number plates that are currently under surveillance. This might include vehicles that:

    •            Have been reported as stolen

    •            May have been cloned - i.e. be bearing the number plates of other, legally registered vehicles

    •            Are owned by individuals for whom there are outstanding fines and/or arrest warrants

    •            Are not legally roadworthy — a UK example might include vehicles without valid MOT certificates

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