LASERcam 4

    NEP compliant end-to-end mobile enforcement - as used by approaching 50% of UK police forces.

    The UK Home Office Type-Approved LASERcam 4 brings a whole new level of capability to the mobile speed enforcement sector.

    The handheld unit has a 3.2in colour touchscreen and weighs just 1.7kg with its integral eight-hour power supply — this compares very favourably with previous-generation ‘portable’ solutions, for which the battery pack alone was a two-person lift.

    This outstandingly small form factor is combined with an impressive specification. The Class 1 Eye Safe laser is effective from 3-750m, with a beam divergence of <1mrad. The camera has an acquisition time of a third of a second and speed accuracy is +/-1mph over a 10-200mph range. The device is IP55 certified and a wide range of standard and optional accessories facilitate operation.

    It provides exceptional daylight and low-light capabilities, and is IR enforcement-capable. This is allied to auto-focus, auto-exposure and automatic zoom features. Image size within the stored video clips is also automatically optimised — all a user has to do is point the camera at a vehicle and pull the trigger.

    Being digital means that there are no consumables or removal media. The LASERcam4 can store up to 2,000 offences on its internal memory, and these are easily downloadable or transferrable via WiFi.

    LASERcam4 is suitable for use by policing organisations and Safety Camera Partnerships, as well as private companies looking to manage speed and gather vehicle data on facilities which are off public roads. Examples can include large construction sites, airports, campuses, industrial estates and so on.

    It is compatible with existing back office processing solutions such as StarTraq and EROS. When combined with Truvelo (UK)’s new Violation Management System (VMS), it provides users with a true end-to-end solution for capturing and processing speeding offences.

    In conjunction with Truvelo's In Car Video System and VMS, LASERcam4 will deliver the most complete mobile enforcement package. 

    •            Based on the award-winning ProLaser 4

    •            Superior Sony day/night video camera

    •            Auto-focus, auto-exposure and electronic zoom

    •            AutotrakTM video zooms with target tracking, optimises target size in the video clip

    •            x36 optical magnification delivers:

    ◦            200m video range (legible license plate) when operated handheld

    ◦            350m video range when tripod/monopod-mounted

    ◦            450m+ video range when deployed in yoke/telephoto converter

    •            Self-contained interchangeable battery has the capacity for an entire shift (no more floor-mounted batteries with a cable)

    •            Large high-resolution touch-screen display

    •            IR enforcement-capable

    •            Easily stowed in a motorcycle pannier

    •            No consumables or removable media — evidence is stored on internal memory and transferred to the back office via a docking station.

    •            In excess of 8h of continuous recording time — equivalent to 2,000 typical offences

    •            Compatible with any all back office processing software applications within the UK (StarTraq, EROS)

    •            Ability to output evidence for manual processing.

    •            NEW FOR 2024 - further optimised IR enforcement with latest IR torch!

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