ProLaser 4

    The UK Home Office Type-Approved ProLaser 4 is capable of acquiring super-high speed targets at great ranges. The unique count-up timer and lock function assist with the provision of irrefutable evidence.

    Superior optics, advanced software and narrower beam width provide unmatched performance; in real-world conditions, ProLaser 4 allows the operator to acquire targets in under a second without the need for a tripod or shoulder stock. This is possible all the way up to the maximum range of the laser, even with non-reflecting targets such as approaching motorcycles.


    • Narrowest beam width on the market
    • Powered by 4 AA batteries
    • Compact size and side-by-side lenses for excellent balance
    • LED rear display is clearly legible in all conditions
    • 1:1 head-up display eliminates eye strain
    • Selectable illuminated aiming reticles for pinpoint targeting
    • Simple, intuitive push-button user interface with dual-purpose buttons
    • Speed and range can be displayed in HUD
    • Single and continuous modes
    • “Lock” function allows you to lock an acquired speed negating the requirement for a trigger guard
    • New enforcement limit feature allows speeds to be automatically locked instantaneously upon acquisition
    •  Count-up timer from previous offence 



      • Hard transit case
      • Soft bag
      • HUD magnifier scope
      • Neck strap
      • Tripod mount
      •  Shoulder stock
      • Datalogger software

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