TruSign Speed Indication Device (SID)

    LED-based Speed Indication Devices (SIDs) enable operators to customise messages and use pictograms. Compared to vehicle-activated signs which really only replicate the information shown on static roundels, they can ‘talk’ to individual motorists — showing them their true speeds and giving encouragement with ‘happy’ or ‘sad’ faces. This more direct contact has been seen to have a far greater positive effect.

    We offer a range of LED-based SIDs under the TruSign brand.

    TruSign 30R is our lowest-cost amber-only version.

    TruSign 30CR is ultra-reliable. Many thousands have been installed and the mean time between failure is exceptional. Modern day LEDs and radars are super-efficient and rated for upwards of 100,000 hours.

    TruSign 30R can be mounted on a pole, bracket or tripod. It can be powered by battery, mains or solar panel, all with optional uninterruptible power supply. The solar unit is by far the most popular option due to the low cost and ease of installation, and deployment flexibility due to its independence from mains power. When installed with retention sockets, it is a one-person job to relocate TruSign from one site to another. This increases the deterrent effect in the localities where it is deployed.

    The TruSign 30R can be delivered configured to precise specifications. Bluetooth connectivity allows easy updates once in the field. This SID is ideal for Community Speed Watch programmes, school zones, university campuses, private roads, quarries, industrial sites, villages and busy residential areas. 

    TruSign 30R features 30cm digits and built-in radar for speed measurement. Weighing only 4kg, it can easily be used as a mobile unit with a stand.

    TruSign 30CP Car Park SID is a special low-speed implementation of our popular TruSign 30CR. It is designed to enable monitoring of speed compliance with the lower speed limits often seen in car parks, and around schools and on other private sites.

    TruSign 30CP is ideal for permanent or temporary deployment around factories, bus depots, baggage-handling facilities, air-side and land-side locations at airports, locomotive shunting yards, quarries, breweries, chemical or steel plants, factories, large manufacturing plants and both private and public car parking facilities.

    Solar, battery-only and mains-only power options enhance its flexibility.

    TruSign 30CP features three-colour 30cm digits and built-in radar for speed measurement. It can provide valuable data logging at lower speeds and comes with a free Windows application. This enables users to interpret traffic data and display the outputs as easily readable graphs; the data can also be exported to a spreadsheet.

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