VIA-Cam industrial / commercial speed camera

    Managers and operators of private estates are becoming increasingly concerned with traffic speed control and the enforcement of on-site speed limits. However, they do not always need a full-blown — and expensive — Home Office Type-Approved speed camera. Truvelo’s solution is VIA-Cam, a cost-efficient, modular system which can dovetail perfectly with on-site Health & Safety policies.

    VIA-Cam is capable of capturing offences in either direction of travel, around the clock. Offence images are stored on the ruggedised water- and dust-proof device for local download or, using Truvelo’s VIDEX back office software, they may be transferred automatically via Ethernet or cellular to a back office for retrieval at a later date.

    Our solutions can be tailored for many different sites, such as bus stations, oil/gas sites, quarries, power-generation sites, factories and manufacturing facilities, industrial sites, business parks, airfields, container depots and private car parks.

    Our turnkey solution offers:

    •            Spot speed based on radar

    •            Cameras which can be pole- or bracket-mounted

    •            Front and rear-facing deployment and bi-directional enforcement

    •            Built-in IR illuminator for 24x7 enforcement

    •            The latest digital IP cameras

    •            Multiple cameras which can feed in real time into our centralised database for monitoring and onward processing

    Truvelo can also provide a full installation and configuration service. We can install at or on any site whether on- or off-grid and with or without mobile telecoms.

    For expert advice or to arrange for a demonstration please contact us using the details below.

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