Violation Management System (VMS)

    Truvelo's Violation Management System — VMS — is a powerful tool for modern, forward-thinking traffic enforcement and road safety.

    VMS is a browser-based solution that can process all types of enforceable driving and parking offences, both criminal and civil, from various sources of input. It:

    •        allows you to capture, process and manage traffic violations with ease and efficiency;

    •        uses high-quality cameras and sensors to capture clear and accurate images of vehicles and license plates, even at high speeds and in low-light conditions;

    •        supports multiple types of violations, such as speeding, red light running, stop sign violation, lane violation, each captured by its own unique ‘outstation' technology, including D-CAM spot speed and red-light cameras, and the mobile LASERcam4 video laser speedmeter.

    One of the sources is Truvelo’s Mobile Docker, which is a rapidly deployable device that can handle input from a multitude of different outstation technologies and offence types.

    An evolution of the Mobile Docker is Truvelo’s brand-new Fatal Four Enforcement System; a sophisticated 360 ANPR/CCTV system which can capture number plate and video evidence of various offences, such as bus lane violations, yellow box junction infringements, illegal parking, banned turns, distracted driving, mobile phone offences and seatbelt offences.


    •        interfaces with these outstation devices by receiving violation data via secure FTP or API, and then applying various checks and filters to ensure the validity and quality of the evidence;

    •        provides a user-friendly interface for reviewing, approving, rejecting or exporting the offences to the relevant authorities or systems;

    •        provides a user-friendly interface for viewing, editing, verifying and exporting violation data, as well as generating reports and statistics; it can also generate various reports and statistics on the performance and impact of the enforcement devices.

    Truvelo can integrate with various police and government databases and systems, such as the DVLA, Police National Computer, PentIP, bulk printing, court and payment systems to automate the workflow of issuing and collecting fines or penalty charges.

    Road safety is not all about criminal enforcement, and Truvelo also supports private enforcement and Community Speed Watch by providing accurate, reliable and easy-to-use speed measurement and recording. The system can help to reduce speeding, improve road safety, deter anti-social behaviour and raise awareness of traffic issues.

    By supporting traffic data collection and analysis, VMS can help justify the need for enforcement cameras or other traffic safety measures. It enhances road safety by deterring drivers from breaking the law, reducing accidents and fatalities, and improving traffic flow and congestion.

    It is a smart solution for modern traffic enforcement that helps you save time, money and resources, while improving your performance and reputation.

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