Violation Management System (VMS)

    Truvelo’s Violation Management System (VMS) forms the core of Truvelo (UK)’s enforcement-handling capabilities. This browser-based solution provides a true end-to-end capability and can process all types of enforceable driving and parking offences — both criminal and civil.

    The VMS is able to handle inputs from many different manufacturers’ technologies and products. It is already in service with UK police services and will also benefit Blue Chip and other organisations which have a need to be able to process various offence-types on their sites and facilities.

    As well as being able to manage driving offences, the VMS provides a significant ongoing traffic data collection, processing and interpretation capability. This can support a number of functions. These include general infrastructure monitoring as well as providing the evidence needed to justify the installation of enforcement cameras, for instance.

    The VMS is available internationally and Truvelo (UK) offers it in two forms: an internal private cloud version which will operate on servers behind customers’ own firewalls; and another which it will provide as Software as a Service using Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services.

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