Speed Indication Devices (SIDs) and Traffic Counters

Why opt for old-fashioned 7-segment displays when an LED array allows you to customise your messages and display custom pictograms?

Truvelo supplies a range of the very latest LED array-based Speed Indication Devices (SIDs) and Vehicle Counters.

All Truvelo's devices can be pole, bracket or tripod mounted, and powered by battery, mains or solar panel, all with optional uninterruptable power supply.

Update all units and download data using a Bluetooth connection for ease of use in the field!

Ideal for Community Speed Watch, school zones, university campuses, private roads, quarries, industrial sites, villages and busy residential areas. A special low speed version is available for car parks, airports, forklift truck loading bays and distribution depots.

TruSign 30R
Featuring 30cm digits, TruSign 30R features a built-in radar for speed measurement. It can also be used as a mobile unit with a stand.

TruSign 45R
TruSign 45R is our largest sign with up to a 45cm diameter possible on roundels. It features a built-in radar for speed measurement, as well as on-board storage for vehicle speed logging.

TruCount Traffic Counter
Our traffic counter sits in a discrete grey case and records upwards of 800,000 vehicle records! Radar technology means it is simplicity itself to deploy with no requirement for physical sensors across the road. Data provided includes speed, direction of travel, timestamp and vehicle classification.

TruCount Bicycle Counter
A variation of the Traffic Counter, our Bicycle Counter is able to differentiate between cyclists and pedestrians using a cycle path. Battery and/or solar power options mean the unit can easily be re-deployed across multiple sites. Sophisticated Radar technology means it is able to count effectively even during peak periods. Optional internet connectivity means that you can retrieve the data over the air. Ideal where health and safety concerns mean that Automatic Traffic Counters (ATC) cannot be used. Data provided includes speed, direction of travel and timestamp.