Road safety enforcement applications

Truvelo’s digital enforcement and safety solutions can be used to address a wide variety of criminal and civil offences. They are supported by a class-leading electronic back office solution, in-house civil engineering capabilities which ensure speedy installation, maintenance and repair, and a development which partners with customers and other organisations to realise custom and novel solutions.

Speed enforcement static solution

Speed Enforcement

Static solutions are offered which address a range of offences including red light running, speeding and illegal manoeuvres.

Mobile Enforcement solutions

Mobile Enforcement

Rapidly deployable solutions provide the ability to improve traffic safety with greater flexibility across a wider geographic area.

Red light enforcement

Red Light Enforcement

A range of red light-only and combined speed/red light enforcement solutions is offered. 

Violation Management Server

Back Office Software / Hardware

The Violation Management Server can be Cloud-hosted if desired and provides end-to-end management of a huge range of criminal and civil offences.

Truvelo’s Installations team


Truvelo’s Installations team caters for all of the civil engineering aspects of equipment installation, as well as traffic calming and road marking expertise.

Applications SIDs


Industry-leading speed information displays encourage greater compliance with posted speed limits and also provide an excellent data-gathering capability.