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Fatal Five Enforcement Solution

Many of Truvelo’s LASERcam 4 users, now in excess of 50% of UK police forces, are set to benefit from its brand new Fatal Five Enforcement Solution, FFES. “We’ve always done it this way” is no longer good enough. Truvelo can now empower road safety operations to consign legacy equipment and obsolete recordable media to the scrap heap. 

Truvelo (UK) Ltd is at the forefront of road safety and enforcement technology with the introduction of the Fatal Five Enforcement Solution (FFES). This state-of-the-art system represents a significant leap in speed enforcement and road safety surveillance, tailored specifically for the needs of forward-thinking road safety departments within UK Policing. Initially rolling out with Avon and Somerset Police and Police Scotland, the FFES is a vehicle-mounted marvel, incorporating a touch screen Network Video Recorder, advanced ANPR cameras with 360-degree high-powered zoom capabilities, and comprehensive CCTV systems. These components are integrated seamlessly to create a cohesive and efficient tool for law enforcement.

The system's robustness is further enhanced by its ability to establish a secure over-the-air connection from the roadside outstation to Truvelo’s central VMS, a browser-based back-office system. This connectivity enables the FFES to capture multi-channel, time-stamped HD video and ANPR footage continuously around the clock. It works in tandem with the LASERcam 4 laser speedmeter to detect speeding offences, ensuring that all evidence is captured with precision and clarity. The immediate flagging and transfer of events for back-office processing facilitate a swift response, whether at the point of capture or during a detailed review of the footage.

The FFES is not just about capturing offences; it's about empowering the police fleet to monitor moving traffic violations proactively. This includes the detection of distracted driving and seatbelt infractions, which are often overlooked yet critical aspects of road safety. The system achieves this without incurring the high costs usually associated with the rental of specialized equipment, making it a cost-effective solution for today's budget-conscious law enforcement agencies.

Designed for operational flexibility, the FFES functions effectively whether the vehicle is stationary or in motion. This adaptability ensures that any vehicle within the fleet can become a mobile enforcement unit, ready to tackle violations wherever they occur. This mobile enforcement approach is a testament to Truvelo's commitment to providing versatile and proactive solutions to law enforcement challenges.

The scalability of the FFES means that it can grow with the needs of the police force, ensuring that investment in this technology is future-proof. Truvelo's dedication to innovation and quality is evident in every aspect of the FFES, from its comprehensive surveillance capabilities to its seamless integration and ease of use. With the FFES, Truvelo (UK) Ltd is setting a new standard in road safety enforcement, offering the UK Police Forces a tool that is not only powerful and effective but also mindful of the economic realities faced by law enforcement today. The FFES is more than just a product; it's a commitment to safer roads and a testament to Truvelo's leadership in enforcement technology.

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