Installation services

Installation Services

Truvelo (UK)’s in-house installations team operates nationwide and undertakes all aspects of civil engineering works relating to fixed camera deployment. Its field service engineers are fully qualified to work in a roadside environment and implement traffic management.

Services offered include construction of new sites as well as camera pole and site refurbishment for existing deployed systems.

A rapid response service is offered to arson attacks and post knock-downs, as well as for refurbishment of damaged camera posts housings.

The installation service has been expanded to include a wide range of road and safety-related offerings, both on and off public roads. These can be provided independently of camera installations, and all are supported by a comprehensive consultancy/design service which is also in-house.

Solutions offered include:

  • road crossings
  • traffic islands
  • pathways
  • vehicle hardstandings
  • surface patching
  • white lining
  • pothole repair
  • removal of legacy system white lines
  • loop installation
  • slot cutting
  • Speed Indication Site installation
  • retention socket supply and installation
  • thermoplastic road marking supply and installation

  • car park white lining
  • parking bays
  • Blue Badge bays
  • EV bays
  • navigational aids
  • speed limit roundels
  • pedestrian traffic delineation
  • pedestrian crossings
  • anti-skid surface installation
  • high-grip coatings for walkways / stairs
  • repairs to worn surfaces
  • school playground markings, including educational aids
  • corporate thermoplastic markings (company logos, etc.)

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D-Cam speed and red light camera

D-Cam speed and red light camera

TRUVELO "D-CAM” Digital speed & red-light camera - a family of digital speed and red light cameras that are available with differing speed measurement technologies. All feature Truvelo's unique single-photo secondary speed check verification method.