Speed Indication Devices (SIDs)

The ultimate aim of any enforcement scheme is to encourage drivers to conform to local conditions. Public acceptance of automated enforcement is also greater if the solutions are not always punitive.

There are many instances where fines or licence endorsements may not be necessary. It is also the case that although there may be concerns over driving habits at a particular location, such as habitual speeding, installation of an enforcement camera is not warranted.

This implies the need for scalable solutions.

Truvelo (UK) supplies a range of class-leading Speed Information Display signs (SIDs). These are radar-triggered and available with a range of screen sizes which are numeric information-only or capable of displaying infographics.

The SIDs also offer a significant traffic data-gathering capability. The information they provide can be used for general traffic management purposes or, should a safety issue be identified, to prove the need for an enforcement camera to be installed.

The SIDs interact readily with the company’s Violation Management System to provide a full end-to-end traffic violation and data management solution.

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TruSign Speed Indication Device (SID)

TruSign Speed Indication Device (SID)

Customise your messages and display custom pictograms? Unlike Vehicle Activated Signs based on TSRGD roundels, TruSign, being a Speed Indication Device or SID, ‘talks’ directly to an individual motorist and has been seen to have a far greater positive impact.